Hey there!

Welcome to SIRELI Collection, where thoughtful design meets quality made products. I'm Nariné Birindjian, owner and designer.

Behind each of our products, there's a graphic designer (that's me!) putting heart and soul into making sure each piece is extra special. These aren't just products; they're little pieces of art that you can weave into your everyday.

This brand was born from a passion for thoughtfully curated and custom designed pieces for your home, for you, and for the little ones in your life.

The meaning behind the brand name.

SIRELI /see-reh-lee/ Collection: The word sireli means “beloved” in Armenian (I am Armenian). This applies not just to a person, but also an item, possession, or thing that is cherished, deeply loved, and holds sentimental value to an individual.

What is my why? The 3 incredible humans in this photo with me. My beloved family.

Our NICU Warrior Story

A couple days before Christmas 2021, our baby girl was born at 29 weeks gestation weighing only 2 lbs 2 oz. It was scary and quite a journey we went through having a baby in the NICU for 7 weeks. That experience is what inspired the section of my shop that has products for both the NICU warrior babies and their family members. Thankfully she is thriving today - see above!

Thanks for choosing to shop small and supporting a dream.